Why Solar


Predictable Energy Costs

Energy Bills have been rising historically every year for the past 20 years. By going solar, you can predict your energy costs for many years & get reliable power. It demands very low & minimal maintenance. We can enter into long term power purchase agreements upto 25 years so next time rates rise you don’t have to worry about it !
save monney

Save Money

Solar power costs less than energy from the traditional sources (after all charges), so you can save on your electricity bills upto 20-30% & Tax Savings for businesses. Solar systems do not require any maintenance apart from occasional cleaning of the panels with water to remove dust.


Eco-Friendly/Help the Environment

Solar creates 90% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 95% less CO2 than coal. Contribute in saving the environment. Solar releases no harmful gases, no chemicals releases & evens helps in controlling water pollution. It’s a nice thing! .

Meet your Renewable Power Obligations & Government Incentives

You can benefit by going solar and claiming various incentives/subsidies being given by the government to promote solar and at the same time meet your renewable power obligations!

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