Solar Essentials/Faq

  • Solar energy gets converted into DC electricity by solar panels.
  • DC electricity is then converted into AC electricity by a solar inverter.
  • Then electricity passes through a breaker box towards building’s electrical panels.
  • Now solar electricity can be used by plugging in electric equipment’s.

For 25 years it gives 100% efficiency and after that 80%. Although, in some cases it can also be more than 80% may be 88% or 85% depending on the type of set-up and quality of solar panels. This is because according to a study an average solar panel is believed to lose 0.5% efficiency every year. This means even after 25 years a panel can perform with 88% proficiency.

The amount of saved money entirely depends on the type of solar system, location and availability of solar energy but to get a close idea, one can save up to 25 to 30% of yearly energy expenses.

Cost of solar system depends upon the size of set-up or more precisely on the number of panels to be installed.

Very little maintenance is required. Only once in a month the solar panels should be checked for any dirt that may collect on them. Using a simple garden hose will be perfect to clean the panels.

The number of panels may differ depending on the requirement. But to mention about the minimum 2KW solar system, you need at least 8 panels of 260W capacity.

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